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Studio19 Records is a state-of-the-art recording and mixing studio employing the best analog and digital equipment. The room is professionally treated for the best possible acoustics.


SSL XL-DESK – 24 into 8 analog consoles with VHD mic preamps. The desk employs the legendary SSL Stereo G Bus Compressor that glues all mixes perfectly.

Analog Compressors

UTA Unfairchild, Universal Audio LA-2A, UA 1176 (2), Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X (2), Tube-Tech CL-1B, DBX 160X (2), Elysia mpressor (2), Elysia xpressor, Retro 176, UA 6176, and Neve 33609  


SSL X-Rack with dynamics modules. Amazing on drums, but used on anything, these modules make the sound of your recorded drums come to life. It adds punch and control to the sound of not only all your percussion instruments but guitars and keyboards too.

Studio Monitors

The AugsPurger 15” tops and 18” subs along with the top of the line Amphion Two18 along with the BaseTwo25 subs are our studio monitoring system of choice.

Mix Bus

Studio19 Records was one of the first facilities to install the latest unit from Solid State Logic: the FUSION. The unit adds low-end, sparkle, clarity and definition to any mix. Amazing! Also used during the final mix, Chandler Curve Bender bring your songs to perfection by adding or cutting specific frequencies. Lastly, the Chandler ZENER adds incredible foundation making your song radio ready!


Crane Song HEDD Quantum and UA Apollo x16s (2). The HEDD Quantum is the converter of choice for our mix bus and it’s our Master WORD clock while the latest units from UA, the Apollo x16s are used in the AD DA conversion to/from our analog SSL Desk, a perfect fit for our studio.


  • 1967 Neumann U-67
  • AKG C414 EB
  • Royer R121
  • Shure SM7B
  • Lewitt 440 Pure
  • Lewitt 340
  • Shure SM-57s

Guitar Equipment

  • 1972 Marshall 50W
  • 1982 Marshall JCM 800
  • Bogner Ecstasy 101B
  • Peavey 5150 Block Letter
  • EVH EL34s
  • Cornford 50W
  • VHT Pitbull combo
  • Fractal Axe-FX XL
  • Several analog pedals