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We offer 2 types of MIX Services: FULL MIX and 2-TRACK MIX.

Vocal Recording

Some artists prefer to record their beat or a whole music arrangement on their own computer, but can’t get a great vocal sound with their home equipment. At Studio19, you can send us your 2 track arrangement and come in to record just your VOCALS.

Custom Mix

Luiz is an accomplished guitarist who can play anything from Rock, Reggae, Funk and Blues. Luiz has been recording since the 80s and has a massive collection of state of the art guitar equipment like Vintage Marshals, Bogner and Eddie Van Halen amps, along with premium guitars from Gibson, Fender, Music Man, and Tom Anderson. Luiz can add rhythm, lead guitars and bass parts to any song.

Full Mix

When you purchase this service, Luiz will fully mix all your individual tracks into a professional, radio-ready recording (just follow the steps below on how to send us all your tracks). Your song will be mixed and summed through all our analog gear – no cold digital sound left after we process your song through our studio’s state of the art analog equipment.

2-Track Mix

The 2-TRACK MIX is for artists who have recorded a stereo track at their home studio that needs to be polished to sound the best it can possibly sound. We’ll send your stereo track through the analog equipment, correct any frequencies that are out of place, and if desired, master the levels to be radio ready. The final product goes through the SAME Analog equipment as the FULL MIX to make your song sound warm and polished.

Rehearsal  Room

Need a place to rehearse? Studio19 Records can offer you our studio space for weekly sessions. For an upcharge, we can also record your rehearsals.

Voice-Over Recordings

When you’re ready to create an e-book and need voice talent and a place to record it, Studio19 can help! Our studio is fully equipped to record and edit audiobooks.

Musician Hiring

Studio19 has a roster of professional musicians ready to help. From a drummer who played with Carlos Santana and Ziggy Marley, to a bass player who travels the world as a hired gun for famous bands, we can arrange the right professional musician for your song needs.

Video Services

Studio19 provides video editing services and voice recording to create powerful video assets for your organization or business.