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Studio19 Records serving Bethel, CT can help you with whatever recording needs you may have, whether you are making a full band mix or recording a solo part. We are located in Southbury, CT in a quiet neighborhood that can give you the most optimal environment to record your new album. We can offer you quality advice that can help you have a successful recording session, and the right equipment for your Bethel band to play on. Give us a call at (203) 702-4440 to book a session with us or to learn more about our studio.


There are many types of errors you can have when dealing with home recordings, like having to edit out coughs, the lengthy process of polishing your sound and other mishaps you may have. We use a variety of techniques for our Bethel clients to help capture your vocals and offer our recording services to hear them the way you’ve always envisioned.


We have lots of experience creating music, and we extend those services to our customers. Luiz is one of the professional musicians we have on staff. He’s an accomplished guitarist who has experience in many genres making any beat you need. He can play along with any rhythm, lead or bass guitar part you may need, and we have other staff members who can help you make the song of your dreams.


Full Mix

We have Full Mix service that can help your raw tracks sound ready to be on the radio through our analog gear recording services. Digital sound can sound inferior to these methods due to compression factors in how the sound is processed. We have state-of-the-art equipment to make your sound as polished and professional as possible.

2-Track Mix

2-Track Mixes are made for Bethel, CT artists who have made a track with their home equipment. We try to make the sound as good as it can be, based on the types of software you are recording with at home. The point of a 2-track mix is to send it through the analog equipment twice. You use it first to correct any frequencies that are out of place, and then you use it a second time to get it that final sheen. Making the song warm and polished will make the song feel like it’s a real hit, as opposed to just a riff a few friends may make together.


Studio19 can offer online mixing services for any clients who live out of state, and we can get your raw tracks straight to Luiz who will contact you back for more details. Bethel, CT residents who need assistance when creating their latest mix or just need their vocals laid onto their track can come work with us today. We have many professionals on-staff who want to help you through the recording process so you can feel confident about the songs you make with us. Give us a call today to see what types of recording services we can do for you!