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At Studio19 records, we strive to create the perfect environment to create their mixes and make their newest hit and will cater to all of your needs. You won’t even need to know any instruments if you still want to get started here, we have many first-timers come and try to figure out what they want to create with their sound. If you need to record in a studio, then you might as well come to the one with the right equipment, studio space, atmosphere, proper technique and music professionals who can tackle any and all projects thrown to the staff.


Studio19 Records offers vocal recording services because some artists have found difficulty using home equipment to try to capture their voice. The recording services we have in our studio are state-of-the-art and utilize a variety of techniques to make your voice as good as you want it.


We have professional musicians who can create beats from many selected genres. One of these, Luiz, can add rhythm, lead guitar and bass to any song. He also has equipment your band can choose to make the sound as tight as possible. We will use our years of experience in the music industry to make your Danbury band sound better than you could have dreamed of it sounding.


Full Mix

The Full Mix service makes your song mixed and summed through all of the analog gear we have. This process turns your songs into professional recordings ready to be played on the radio, which also removes the “digital sound” of your track through the equipment.

2-Track Mix

For people who have already recorded their song at home and want to make the sound as best as it can be, we will send your track through our analog equipment which corrects any frequencies that may be out of place. Then we send it through the analog equipment once again as a Full Mix to make the sound as warm and polished as possible, and that’s why it’s called the 2-Track Mix.


We also offer Mix Online for clients who are out of state, and the song you send will go straight to Luiz who will give you feedback. For people in the Danbury area who want to create their most polished record or need help creating a mix, the professionals in our facility will be glad to help you out through the process with our advanced equipment. Book with us today and give us a call!