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Getting sick of recording in your garage? Look no further than Studio19. Located in the quiet town of Southbury, Connecticut. We are your one-stop-shop for everything music. We have professional musicians who can lend their skills to a session musician spot, or if you just need some help recording your vocals onto a track. It is our mission to help Easton artists and bands get the sound they’re looking for. Reach out to us at (203) 702-4440 to learn more!


If you’ve tried recording yourself at home, as you can imagine it may not come out as you’ve envisioned. Equipment can be pricey, and there may be outside factors that can influence background noises. At Studio19 music is our passion, and it is our goal to help other people who share that. Our experts have worked with artists from every genre of music. We have various techniques and equipment that can help you reach your goals.


Custom mixes are used to help create beats for songs you may have trouble fine-tuning, with the help of the musicians we have on staff. Luiz is a talented guitarist that has an ear for custom audio mixing. He owns a lot of guitars and has lots of experience playing for various genres. If you needed a rhythm, lead or bass guitar on your song that you or your band aren’t able to play on your own, we have our very own specialist available to help you!


Full Mix

With a full mix, we can transform any work of art into a ready-ready hit! We mix and sum all of your songs through analog gear, because we feel it brings out the best sound possible from our Easton clients music. We are up to date with all of our technology and are able to assist you in making your vision come to life.

2-Track Mix

We use 2-Track mixes are for those artists ready to take their home recorded track to the next level. First, we run your original track through the analog equipment as a way to remove the frequencies that are out of place. Then, we run that version through the analog equipment to create a Full Mix that will create a clean-cut version of your music.


We not only service clients in Easton but are also available to musicians who are not around the area and may need outsourced help. Send your track to Studio19 Records online and Luiz will contact you later to figure out how to best suit your needs. Whether you want to get your vocals laid onto a track or need help creating a mix, we can help you every step of the way. Reach out to Studio19 Records to get mentored by professionals who want to help you reach your full potential. Give us a ring at (203) 702-4440