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Studio19 Records, located in a quaint neighborhood in Southbury, CT, can service any New Haven, CT music acts who want to record their music in a quality music studio. We have been helping people in Connecticut achieve their musical dreams for years, and whether you want to record on your own or with a full group we will cater to your every need. A studio needs the right equipment, studio space, atmosphere, environment and technique to help any New Haven musical act get off the ground, and Studio19 can be that for you.


In your New Haven apartment or home, you may not be able to record your vocals as well as you want to. Studio19 offers vocal recording services and use several different techniques to make your voice as good as you want it to be.


Luiz is one of our professional musicians who can use his skills in rhythm, lead and bass guitar to help you create a beat from many different genres. He also has his own equipment that you can use while working with him. The trained ears and years of experience in our studio will be utilized to its fullest potential so the song will be as good as you envisioned it in your head.


Full Mix

The individual tracks you make can be made into a radio-ready, professional song through our Full Mix service. We mix and sum your songs through analog gear, and that will take away some of the problems that digital sound can cause to a song.

2-Track Mix

2-Track Mixes are made by mixing through our analog equipment twice. This is typically a service provided for people who’ve already recorded their song at home and want the song to be as polished as possible. The first mix removes any frequencies that are out of place and then the second mix essentially works the same way as the Full Mix.


We also offer “Mix Online,” where you can send your song into the studio where Luiz will listen to it and contact you back for more details. For anyone who lives in New Haven and want to get your vocals up to snuff or need help creating a mix, book with us today and we will work with you to create the music of your dreams.