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Local Music Studio

Studio19’s facility in Southbury, CT is perfect for anyone in Newtown who needs a music studio. Whether you are recording your latest album or creating a mix to get down with, we will carry out whatever you need. We cover people who are recording on their own or with a group, no matter how much experience they have playing an instrument. Studio19 is committed to living up to an artist’s vision for their projects. We have a team of professionals who can help you record in this studio you may be unfamiliar with it, and can provide the right equipment, studio space, atmosphere and environment that can help you create the song of your dreams.

Recording Audio & Vocals

Some artists have found difficulty recording their voice onto a track mix using equipment from home, and that’s why Studio19 Records offers vocal recording as one of our services. We have many different types of techniques we can use to make your voice as good as you want it to be.

Custom Audio Mixing

Luiz is one of our professional musicians who can create beats from a wide variety of genres. As he is an accomplished guitarist in his own right, he can add lead guitar and bass parts to whatever song you are creating, and your band can utilize him as much as you need. The experience we have in our staff can help you make the best song possible, with the song becoming literal music to your ears.

Mixing and Mastering Services

Full Mix

The Full Mix service we provide for Newtown residents at our Southbury residence will make your individual tracks professional and ready to be played on the radio. We mix through analog gear, so there will be less of the compressed and lossy sound of digital mixing.*

2-Track Mix

For people who need to polish up a home-recording job, we offer 2-track mixing to help the song fine-tune the final sound. The analog equipment we have corrects any frequencies that are out of place and will go through the analog equipment again as a Full Mix.

Your Go-To Local Recording Studio

Studio19 Records can also offer online mixing for clients who live outside of Connecticut, where it will go straight to Luiz and work with you later. If you live in Newtown, CT and need some assistance creating a great mix or need your vocals laid onto a track, you can book with our professional staff today. We are here to service you with our prestige equipment.