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Whether you are recording a full session with your band or just want to add vocals to a mix you made at your Norwalk home, we are here to help you and will cater to all of your needs. We also can help you if you don’t have any experience with instruments, and can help make your track. Studio19 is committed to tackling any and all projects that come out way and see the artist’s vision through with the right equipment, studio space, atmosphere, technique and talented professionals. (203) 702-4440.


Taking your audio from ordinary to the wow factor can make or break your final project. Studio19 provides many different audio recording services, including commercial voice over, music recording, mixing, mastering, and location sound.


We specialize in providing high fidelity music mastering services to local and remote artists. In addition we also offer full album mastering services. The layout of our studio, wealth of experience, and top-notch equipment allows us to help you reach your goals all at an affordable cost.


Full Mix

Want your songs to sound like they do on the radio? Technology is always changing and we make sure to have the best equipment available for recording your next top hit. We offer full Mix service to make your final product sound polished and ready for the top charts. We use analog gear to mix, rather than digital sound some of our competitors use. We feel that analog sound can improve the songs overall, as digital sound can be out of touch with current streaming music. When you create a Full Mix with Studio19, you’ll have the studio equipment and guidance to make the best final product.

2-Track Mix

We use 2-Track mixes for Norwalk artists who want to polish the songs they recorded at home so it can sound as good as it can possibly be. We send it through analog equipment twice, which is why we call the process a 2-track mix. The first mix is meant to correct any frequencies that are out of place, and then we use the second mix one last time as the Full Mix. We want to make sure your final product is the best it can possibly be!


Studio19 Records also offers Mix Online if the drive to Southbury is too far from Norwalk for you. Your song will be sent right to Luiz and he will get back to you with more information. If you need to lay vocals onto a track or are struggling to create the perfect mix for your song, book with our professional staff today and we will use the prestige services here to mentor you through the process.