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Whether you are recording a full session with your band or just want to add vocals to a mix you made at home, we are here to help you and will cater to all of your needs. We also can help you if you don’t have any experience with instruments, and can help make your track. Studio19 is committed to tackling any and all projects that come out way and see the artist’s vision through with the right equipment, studio space, atmosphere, technique and talented professionals.


We offer vocal recording services for people who may have trouble recording vocals onto mixes from home. The services we provide here will help you capture the vocals you have in the way you’ve always envisioned through a variety of recording and mixing techniques.


Luiz is one of our professional musicians in our studio, and an accomplished guitarist in his own right. He can create beats from many selected genres and can add three types of guitars (rhythm, lead, bass) to whatever song you’re making. He also has a lot of equipment you and your band can use, as the experience he and the rest of our staff can help your track reach its fullest potential.


Full Mix

The Full Mix service will let your song get mixed and summed through all the analog gear we have. With no digital sound left after using the equipment, the individual tracks you send to us will be professional and radio-ready recordings with top-notch sound.

2-Track Mix

For Ridgefield bands who have already recorded a track at home, the sound may not be up to par with the standards of bigger music acts. We will put your track through the analog equipment to correct any frequencies that are out of place, and then put the final product through the analog equipment again as the Full Mix. It will make your home recording sound much more polished than before, which is why it’s called the 2-Track Mix.


Studio19 Records also offers Mix Online if the drive to Southbury is too far from Ridgefield for you. Your song will be sent right to Luiz and he will get back to you with more information. If you need to lay vocals onto a track or are struggling to create the perfect mix for your song, book with our professional staff today and we will use the prestige services here to mentor you through the process.