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For anyone located in Roxbury, CT who hasn’t quite broken through in the music scene, Studio19 Records may be able to help with that. Located in Southbury, CT, our music studio boasts a quiet environment for recording that can help you stay focused on the music and less about the potential noise that comes from recording at home. We have state-of-the-art equipment that can help your sound feel as polished and refined as it can be. Give us a call today at (203) 702-4440 to book a session at our studio and to get started with us.


We have vocal recording services that can help prevent some of the common issues you may have recording at home, such as off-tempo parts of songs and voice cracks. We can use our equipment to fine-tune your voice so you can sound the way you have always wanted to on a song: clear, crisp and high-quality.


We can create custom beats for your Roxbury band’s songs so you don’t have to think about every facet of your song when you come see us. One of our professional musicians is Luiz, who has experience creating beats for just about every genre. Whether you need a bass, lead or rhythm guitar, Luiz is able to help you find the groove your song may need with his extensive collection of guitars.


Full Mix

Full Mix service is meant to make your songs as professional and radio-ready as they can be. We use analog gear to mix, rather than digital sound some of our competitors use. We feel that analog sound can improve the songs overall, as digital sound can be rather cold and impersonal when you are making your songs with it. When you create a Full Mix with Studio19, you’ll have the sheen that many artists have that gives them that “wow factor” to help them blow up the charts.

2-Track Mix

2-Track mixing is unique in that we send your home recordings through the analog equipment twice, in order to polish the sound as well as it can be. First we run it through in order to fix any frequencies that are out of place, and then we send it through the analog equipment a second time to make the sound as warm and polished as possible. In essence, this process will allow you to turn your home recordings into a Studio19 Full Mix. Working with us can help you market your songs so that you may have a bigger audience besides your family and friends you share it with.


We also offer Mix Online for our clients who are out of state or are not comfortable coming to our studio yet. You can send Studio19 your home recordings through email, and Luiz will get back to you for more details. For any bands and musical acts in Roxbury, CT who want to get their foot in the door and possibly make a career out of music, we will gladly assist you in the process of making you famous. Give us a call at (203) 702-4440.