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Calling all artists and songwriters in Stamford ready to take their music to the next level. Studio 19 in Southbury is proud to offer our expert services to artists and bands ready to make the leap. No matter what your needs are, our staff of creative professionals are excited to help! To learn more about our services and how to prepare your music for the next step, explore our website or simply call us at (203) 702-4440.


Our studio is equipped with full production capabilities. We offer a variety of microphones used for vocal and instrument tracking. We use a variety of tools, not only to adjust levels, but also, in some cases, to change the space, structure and positioning of the track components at our Southbury studio.


Our sophisticated audio engineers have a simple solution for your sound: high quality work by the finest people for the finest clients. Mixing involves leveling, EQing, compressing, adding effects, editing/repairing audio and/or MIDI. Think of mixing as putting the pieces together to complete what has been recorded raw. Once the product is mixed it's time to get it mastered!


Full Mix

The Full Mix service we provide for Stamford residents at our Southbury studio will make your individual tracks professional and radio-hit ready. We mix through analog gear, so there will be less compression and more of that clean polished sound complete.

2-Track Mix

If you’ve recorded your song with all your home equipment, a 2-track mix is perfect to get that final product. This technology is able to remove any unwanted noises you may not be able to get rid of at home. We make sure to correct any inconsistencies and then we put it through analog music one more time as a Full Mix to make the sound more polished and authentic.


Studio19 Records can also offer online mixing for clients who live outside of Connecticut, where it will go straight to Luiz and work with you later. We also offer our services in our Southbury office for clients who may make the trip. We are here to serve you with our state-of-the-art equipment and professional staff. Reach out today, we can’t wait to get started with you!