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Studio19 Records, a studio in Southbury, CT, can help make a Waterbury, CT band create polished and radio-ready recordings of their songs. It’s the right place to get your music made because we understand the right techniques to use with the top-notch equipment we have in our studio. We can help you get started by utilizing the musicians we have on our staff, who can play a backing part in your song if you are missing a member of your band. If you want to work with us, you can book your session by giving us a call at (203) 702-4440.


We offer vocal recording services for our Waterbury clients who may have struggled with making their songs at home. You may have problems like stuttering and coughing to edit out that can just take up time in a home studio. We use a variety of techniques at Studio19 to make sure you have the vocals you have always wanted from your songs.


We can help ensure your song is as good as an album track with our Custom Mix services. Luiz is one of our professional musicians we have in our staff, an accomplished guitarist who is able to add any beats you need to your songs. He can play the bass, rhythm and lead guitars on any tracks that you may have thanks to his extensive collection of guitars and years of experience.


Full Mix

We use analog gear to make your music into professional recordings that can be played on the radio. We mix all of your individual tracks through the analog equipment because we feel it makes a warmer sound than recording digitally. Digital sound can have problems with compression and other audio issues, and we want to help your Waterbury band sound as authentic as possible.

2-Track Mix

We use 2-Track mixes for Waterbury groups who want to polish the songs they recorded at home so it can sound as good as it can possibly be. We send it through analog equipment twice, which is why we call the process a 2-track mix. The first mix is meant to correct any frequencies that are out of place, and then we use the second mix one last time as the Full Mix. This helps the track sound as polished and “complete” as it can be.


We offer Mix Online for Waterbury clients who may not want to enter the studio just yet. We analyze the tracks you look over with us, and then Luiz will contact you back for more details. No matter what you need to do for your songs, Studio19 Records can help you out. You may need vocals laid onto a track or have our professional musicians give you a hand with the composition of the music itself. We want to be there for you every step of the way and allow you to become experts at our prestige recording equipment. Give us a call today at 203) 702-4440 to see what we can do for you and your band today!