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No matter who is coming to our location, a solo act or a full rock band, Studio19 will have the recording and mixing services you require. If you are unfamiliar with the essentials of recording a song, we will provide you the right equipment, studio space, atmosphere and environment, proper technique and professionals who can bring the musical prowess necessary to create a great song. We want to help anyone in the Woodbury, CT area who wants to achieve their musical dreams.


We offer vocal recording services at Studio19 Records, as some artists can have difficulty using home equipment to put vocals onto mixes. We will work with you through a variety of mixing tools in order to capture your voice and make it sound as good as you want it to.


Luiz is one of the most accomplished guitarists at our disposal, and is a professional musician who can create sounds for many different genres. He can add rhythm, lead and bass guitar parts to any song you are making. You and your band can also utilize the amount of equipment he has in his disposal. We will make your custom mix the best sounding track possible, and work with our trained ears to make the song better than you could have hoped for.


Full Mix

We have a Full Mix service that can make any and all of your individual tracks into a radio-ready recording through the analog gear in our studio. We won’t make your song suffer through digital sound, and will make sure your song will be professional and polished.

2-Track Mix

Two-track mixes are for artists who have already recorded their songs on home recording equipment, but want that last level of professionalism so they can sound as best as possible. We use the analog equipment to correct any frequencies that are out of place, and then we put it through analog music one more time as a Full Mix to make the sound more polished and warm. This dual-track process is why we call it the two-track mix.


If you live in Woodbury, CT and want to have a staff who knows how to produce sleek and refined sound in your music, you will be coming to the right place. We can help you create a mix or help you get your vocals laid onto a track, and you can contact us today to get started. In addition to these services, we offer Mix Online for clients who are out of state, where your song will go straight to Luiz who will get back to you with more information.